Kyle Sandilands sucks dead dogs balls – and swallows

24 Nov

The most troubling thing about Kyle Sandilands isn’t necessarily the man himself, but that there is such a large audience for his particular type of vile and destructive energy. The man emanates seriously toxic slurry, and his many followers imbibe it like nectar.

The same can be said for the rest of the current crop of shock jocks: in themselves they are nothing more than severely emotionally crippled peddlers of very base opinions, crudely  and brutally expressed. On their own, they are  nobody, and would likely be propping up a bar somewhere, drunkenly spouting their venomous filth before spending the rest of the night vomiting their guts up against a wall. They exist because there’s enough like-minded followers to lift them out of their respective gutters and make them into “stars,” and this is the real cause for concern.

Two of Sandilands’ major sponsors, Holden and the Good Guys, have pulled their endorsement in response to Vile Kyle’s latest on-air spew. If we hadn’t just bought another brand, I’d argue for getting a Holden in support of that action. Companies that continue to sponsor this miserable freak such as Vodafone and Blackmores are promoting his twisted world view, and deserve to be boycotted for that.

Update: after reading this piece by Laurel Papworth I’m re-thinking my comments on sponsors. Papworth’s analysis is well worth a reading.

Also this piece by Sheeple Liberator is thought provoking on the question of withdrawal of corporate sponsorship

Sandilands, like Bolt before him, is pleading the right to free speech as a justification for his verbal assaults.  “Watch your mouth or I’ll hunt you down,” he tells journalist Alison Stephenson, who had the absolute nerve to criticise him . I’d be off to the coppers with that threat if I was her.

Sandilands’ inability to cope with criticism, and his desire to “hunt down” anyone who dares to send any his way, are symptoms of profound narcissism. Nobody is allowed to tell Kyle he’s anything but perfect, because Kyle will have a meltdown and threaten them with injury or death. He’s stuck in the infantile phase  in which the child regards himself as omnipotent and any rebuke is a fundamental threat to that omnipotence, provoking a tantrum in which the child wants to destroy the whole nasty world for turning against him. People who don’t evolve from this stage often turn into psychopaths.

How anyone can work in such a poisoned orbit as that created by Kyle is a mystery. I note Jackie O‘s reaction to claims that Sandilands is misogynist goes along the lines of, no, that’s not his agenda, he’s awful to everyone not just women. Well, that’s reassuring. I guess if you’re this close to someone you’re going to make excuses for him – bit like domestic violence denial, really.

Update: it looks like Vodafone and Blackmores have pulled out as well – see this link in the SMH.

18 Responses to “Kyle Sandilands sucks dead dogs balls – and swallows”

  1. gerard oosterman November 24, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    Freedom of speech or ocker acceptance of what has become ‘the norm’?
    We need Julian Disney to quickly act, increase funding in investigating the media including the electronic one,legislating stricter guidelines and impose fines on those clearly in breech of standards.


  2. gerard oosterman November 24, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    May I suggest, as a gesture of goodwill, that Mr Myle Sandilands sucks the balls of a very live and active uncut rottweiler on his own show and as a reward be given a free cremation at Rookwood (afterwards). (He also need not swallow).


  3. paul walter November 24, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    Looks like pathology is the keystone integral to media bosses for recruitment of on air operatives.
    Don’t blame Sandilands, Jones etc, the fault lies with media bosses perversly continuing to hire these, because they are unprincipled bigots and liars, not in spite..


  4. Sam Jandwich November 24, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    Well I squarely blame Sandilands, and re an article from a little while ago, I appoint Kevin Rudd to think of a suitable name to call him –

    I’m not usually one for schadenfreude but I can’t wait to see it end badly for this individual. And Jen I think you’re spot on in your assessment of K&J’O as having an abusive relationship. It’s an under-recognised phenomenon.


  5. Steve at the Pub November 24, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Never heard of this Kyle Sandilands, & don’t give enough of a hoot about him to bother finding out who he is.

    But WHO is that sultry hot piece with him in the photo……………..?


    • Jennifer Wilson November 24, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

      You’ve never heard of him? Now that surprises me 🙂


      • Matthew November 25, 2011 at 8:56 am #

        In the current world of practically infinite choice of media, I’m sort of not surprised that Steve at the Pub has never heard of him or Jackie O. You can practically ignore all mainstream media and still be well informed. I really had no idea what Kyle had actually said until yesterday. I was only vaguely made aware that he said something stupid (again) by the Chaser’s Hamster Wheel.

        Jennifer, I note you said on twitter that MTR made no mention of Kyle’s antics. Well, for whatever reason she’s wrote about in yesterday, linking it with White Ribbon Day. Like everything else, her solution is boycott and ban it all. She’s getting her little group Collective Whinge to petition he’s advertisers to pull advertising. First, I think it’s really poor form for Tankard Reist to use a campaign to end violence against women in order to remove things she doesn’t like. She’s not only using this tactic on Kyle, but also in a Punch article to get rid of the usual stuff she has problems with (t-shirts with half naked girls on them, everything Playboy etc). I think it really makes light of the problem and the causes behind it. Kind of doubt banning a t-shirt is going to stop domestic violence nor does the mere existence of them contribute to any violence of any kind whatsoever.

        Kyle, like Bolt, Jones, Albrechtsen, Ackerman, Blair etc are annoying arsehats, but no one is forcing people to watch his show Clockwork Orange style nor his radio show. Hopefully with the advertisers pulling out, this will be the end of him. I see no point to petitioning companies who are still sponsoring him. I never supported the boycott of The Bolt Report’s sponsors either. It’s rating worse than the ABC’s Insiders anyway.

        Finally, if we take the TARDIS back to 2004, we will find (via Media Watch) we will find Jackie O can just be as obnoxious and threaten violence (via minders) as much as Kyle (Jay Whalley from punk band Frenzal Rhomb takes on Kyle and Jackie O, the day after a Darwin music festival where she turned up a bit late and Jay’s band got a bit narky with her);

        Sandilands: Just let me say, if it was me up there, it would have been on for young and old from the start.

        Whalley: Okay, now for a start, I’d just like to say, Jackie – … were you aware that one of your security guards threatened our guitar tech with the threat of violence – as you’re doing now Kyle, “it would have been on for young and old” as you say.

        Sandilands: Yeah, yep.

        Whalley: Did you know about that?

        Jackie O: Yeah.

        Whalley: That security guard came up and threatened us with actual violence? Do you endorse that?

        Jackie O: What, what was…

        Sandilands: Yes, well I do.

        Whalley: You do? You endorse that? You would have come and punched on because we said something about Popstars and Australian Idol?

        Kyle and Jackie O: No!

        Jackie O: It wasn’t about Popstars and Australian Idol.

        Whalley: Because you felt that somehow we’d offended you, or not given you enough time to speak up. You were nine hours late for your show…

        Jackie O: Well f**k mate, at least give me a chance to say something. Like, it’s so rude to just come in and say f**k you, f**k Jackie O and play the guitar over me. I was only going to talk for like, ten seconds, seriously.


  6. Steve at the Pub November 24, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    Why would I have heard of him? Who is he?


  7. Sheeple Liberator November 25, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    I completely agree with your assessment of Kyle Sandilands, but I don’t agree that sponsors like Holden should be applauded for pulling their sponsorship. They’re just doing it to look good; they don’t actually care. We shouldn’t even be focusing on the corporate sponsors. They’re the wrong target.


    • Jennifer Wilson November 25, 2011 at 4:38 pm #

      Yes, I’ve re-thought that Holden comment, especially since reading this piece on the hypocrisy of corporations and advertising. I think Papworth is spot on in her analysis.

      Who should we be focusing on? The audience who love him and keep him alive?


      • Sheeple Liberator November 25, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

        Yep, Laurel’s post was so, so right.

        I honestly don’t know what the answer is. I just have concerns about targeting corporate sponsors (which I wrote about in more detail my blog recently). I think if we all just ignored Kyle Sandilands and stopped indulging his vile antics, he’d eventually go away.


  8. Matthew November 29, 2011 at 12:19 pm #

    What’s with the arsehattery from Melinda’s followers correcting you on twitter re her writing about Kyle? What a bunch of knobs. Prior to this she’s only made one brief mention of him in her attack on Brian McFadden’s crap song.


    • Jennifer Wilson November 29, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

      I know, the nerve of some people! There is a very recent anti kyle post on her website, but I don’t know when it went up, after my tweet I’m sure as I wrote the tweet days ago. I was amused that they discovered the tweet so long after I wrote it, and then had a flurry of commentary about it! There was even a tweet from the lady herself, which is the first time she has ever referred to me, that I’m aware off I hastily add, in case there are absolutely zillions of remarks about me she’s made somewhere I’ve never thought to look. I’m hugely amused, and glad to see I’m nuisance enough for them to rally the troops and react, especially so stupidly!

      I’ve just started reading Big Porn Inc. It’s going to take the kind of commitment nobody should be asked to make at the beginning of the holidays, so it might be a while before I finish it.


      • Matthew December 1, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

        I didn’t think you were offended by what they said, but the responses did seem rather narky and childish. Similar to the sort of stuff teenage fans of Justin Bieber would tweet in defence of their idol. I find pretty much all of her followers and cohorts defend her the same way. Evidence, logic and reasoning go out the window. It’s all about control at their end and they know they can’t justify it. See the latest kerfuffle re: the banning of “Human Centipede 2” which was due to a Collective Whinge (aka Collective Shout, Melinda’s citizens for censorship group) submission to the Classifiaction Board. Nobody on her facebook page can seemingly give a valid reason as to why they went after it or why it has to be banned. I also note that besides MTR’s facebook page and twitter, she’s not making too much of it. I wonder why?

        As for the waffling collection of essays and mistruths that is “Big Porn Inc.”, who in hell is selling that book? It’s not in Dymocks catalogue (maybe in retaliation to this; ) and none of the shops in Melinda’s beloved Belconnen stock it either. I’ve seen the book nowhere within a 15km radius of where I live, independent bookshops, big chains, none of them have it. Spinifex Press claim they are in a second print run of the book. How big was the first run? 10 books?


        • Jennifer Wilson December 1, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

          Somebody loaned me a copy. Be damned if I was going to buy it!

          I like the idea Dymocks aren’t stocking it in retaliation! Like, here’s what it’s like to be banned, censoring people!


  9. Kyle Hater May 14, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    I couldn’t agree with you more. You are so right in pointing out that Kyle is there because of his fans.
    You mentioned that he is emotionally crippled ( I say emotionally retarded) but what about his fans ? They are obviously not quite right either.
    Me ? I hate the man, the image, the sick joke that is Kyle Sandilands.


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