Bloody oath, there’ll be blood on the tracks by bedtime

13 Oct

Not so very long ago Opposition Leader Tony Abbott offered to sell his arse if he had to, if that’s what it would take to be Prime Minister. He made this offer to Tony Windsor,who as far as I’m aware would be entirely uninterested in buying or even renting Australia’s best known budgie-smuggler butt, especially after viewing images of the butt’s owner emerging from the waves at Manly (Manly??Manly?) virginity renewed just like Aphrodite but unlike the goddess, blatantly exhibiting steroid-like shrinkage.

I mean, that’s not much of a package in return for the highest political office in the land. Is it?

Now Budgie-butt has taken to swearing blood oaths. Which you probably have to do if you want to restore a smidgen of credibility after telling everybody not to believe anything you’ve said unless it’s written down. He keeps raising the stakes, while others would rather see him impaled on one. Through the heart then add plenty of garlic.

The blood oath has a colourful and eclectic history. For example, in the Church of the Latter Day Saints, participants in “endowment” ceremonies are required to swear a blood oath that they will never reveal the procedures required to prepare the chosen to become kings, queens and priests in the afterlife.  Budgie-butt believes in the afterlife, wanted to be a priest before he wanted to be PM, and given his willingness to sell his arse, may be more than passingly interested in queens.

“Blood Oath” is also the title of the sixth album by death metal band Suffocation. This album contains a track called “Marital Decimation” recorded on their previous album “Breeding the Spawn.” The phrase “breeding the spawn” generally refers to an activity engaged in by the Devil and cruelly perpetrated upon sleeping women who wake up covered in bloody scratches and go on to give birth to something too awful to show onscreen. Budgie-butt believes in the Devil and his implacable anti-abortion stance would not permit even the Devil’s spawn to be terminated. Another connection! Yeah!

Moving forward. Blood Oath is also the title of the 39th episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In this episode three legendary Klingon warriors meet with Dax prior to embarking on a vengeance crusade. Now vengeance crusades have a long Christian history with which the Opposition Leader must have at least a passing acquaintance. As well, Mr Abbott is possessed of a pair of ears that bear a strong resemblance to those of Dr Spock, and I’m not talking about the great late authority on bringing up baby.

Finally, a blood oath can be taken between real brothers, or men who are unrelated but nevertheless feel strongly bonded in a common cause. In this ceremony, an incision is made in the flesh and blood from both parties mingles, signifying life-long commitment.

It has been argued that this last blood oath ritual is an unconscious displacement of homosexual desire. It would be unsavoury of me to pursue this notion, given the selling arse matter I referred to earlier, and bearing in mind the pickle fledgling tweeper Julian Burnside  found himself in with regard to his ill-considered tweet.

Anyways, it’s likely Freud who made this observation, and we all know how he liked to mess with people’s minds.

Now the only question that remains is which is worse: to call Julia Gillard a “scrag” or Tony Abbott “Budgie-butt?” The former is sexist. The latter is offensive to little tweety birds and the question is rhetorical.

6 Responses to “Bloody oath, there’ll be blood on the tracks by bedtime”

  1. paul walter October 13, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

    I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a hopelessly Walter Mitty character. The narcissism could be tolerable, even amusing, except for the fact that Snoopy atop his kennel is dangerously close to REAL levers of power and when someone with ideas as fixed and rigid as his gets that close to them, many ordinary people had better watch out.


  2. Sam Jandwich October 14, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    Well I’m most looking forward to seeing what colour his blood is. Snot green’s my prediction. My god what a circus!


    • Jennifer Wilson October 14, 2011 at 11:35 am #

      David Horton says the man is bloodless, so that lets him off the hook again


      • patriciawa October 15, 2011 at 1:41 am #

        Bloody Oath!

        Tony Abbott, politician,
        Leader of the Coalition,
        Once an upright man of God
        Has now become a lightning rod
        For unfair and cruel criticism
        About whom there’s too much cynicism.

        He once confessed to telling lies,
        Which self-disclosure has given rise
        To friends and foes alike inviting
        Him to put his promises in writing.
        Fearing that for truth for his name’s now mud,
        He swears he’ll sign to some in his own blood.

        Today he’s offered even more –
        To clarify which policies are gore and which non-gore.


        • Jennifer Wilson October 15, 2011 at 6:30 am #

          Oh, well done! Specially like the last line’s double entendre that would be Al Gore???


  3. patriciawa October 15, 2011 at 1:43 am #

    Moderator! Apologies for that repetition of first three lines – could you delete them for me, please?


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