Abbott Reacts to Slipper Defection – Downfall Parody

28 Nov

Bruno Ganz plays Hitler plays Tony Abbott in this brilliant behind-the-scenes take on the Slipper affair (and I’m not talking about the Cinderella story, though the day of Slipper’s ascension, Melinda Tankard Reist did get on Twitter claiming to have lost her shoe on her way from Circular Quay to somewhere. Make of that what you will.) This is the most accomplished example of Godwin’s Law I’ve seen thus far.

Meanwhile I continue to marvel at the farcical shenanigans of both major parties that have resulted in the best outcome  for asylum seekers we’ve had since before Tampa, against their thunderously expressed policies. Whether they arrive by boat or plane, asylum seekers are now to be treated the same, and released into the community while their claims are assessed. For two major parties dedicated to off-shore processing, you’ve certainly cocked that up! If there are any gods, they’ll be laughing their heads off at the stupidity of mortal pollies, because you outwitted yourselves, people, and the decent thing happened in spite of you all.

As someone noted on Twitter, it’s just as well Mr Rabbit failed to sell his arse, because then he’d have nothing to talk out of, and nowhere to put his head. My God, you have to love Twitter.

5 Responses to “Abbott Reacts to Slipper Defection – Downfall Parody”

  1. paul walter November 28, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    There is a new one out on Qantas, too. The Hitler Rants on Utube etc are becoming a traditional fixture, but you laugh but usually only because you would cry otherwise.
    The Slipper incident is more come-uppance for Abbott, whose adversarial approach seems to have won him few friends outside of his own circle of ideological fellow travellers. Whereas Labor took the time to court the indies and now reaps some benefits.


  2. Steve at the Pub November 28, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

    The Slipper affair hasn’t had the rapturous support one would expect from the backbench, or from the Qld sitting members. There may be some concerns about whether or not he is a poisoned chalice.
    Time will tell.

    As for the undocumented & unannounced arrivals, Labor’s vote will fall off a cliff once illegal boat arrivals start being released into the western suburbs of Sydney.

    Do they actually WANT the Liberal party to win? Or have they given up?


  3. gerard oosterman November 29, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    Jumping the gun a bit here are we?
    The best thing for the ALP is having Abbott stay on. His continuing hunkering after the era of the fondue set with Billy MacMahon or even Menzies and the Suez Canal will ensure there w’ll be a landslide win for Julia Gillard.
    He keeps promising so much of nothing, he’ll rescind, shrivel, shrink and shirk, a mere echo in an empty cave. He stopped rocking long ago. Watch this week-end poll.


  4. Marilyn November 29, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    And another report from DIAC shows that their incompetent discrimination against those who arrive by sea continues almost unchecked and cost taxpayers hundreds of millions in the process.

    If you are an Afghan by sea primary acceptance rate is 38%, if by air it is 69%, yet in both cases almost all “failed” are overturned on review so why not just do it properly in the first place.

    With those pesky troublesome Iranians it is even worse. 28% acceptance if by sea, 79% if by air, noting that again almost all are overturned.

    Nothing on earth can explain this appalling behaviour by DIAC.


    • Jennifer Wilson November 29, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

      I agree it is inexplicable except as racism. The fact that DIAC decisions are almost entirely overturned only serves to support that accusation against the Department.


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