Hello from the land of the free

26 Apr
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Well, one bit of good news is that  infamous Tea Party supporter and Fox News ranter Glenn Beck is leaving the Murdoch network. Apparently advertisers started dropping like flies from his show after it was revealed that his stark predictions of an economic apocalypse, requiring the hoarding of food and gold, were sponsored by a gold seller and a survivalist freeze-dried food company.

However, all is not lost for Beck and his disciples. In Beck’s own words: “We will find each other. I will continue to tell the story, and I’m going to be showing you other ways for us to connect.”

One of these other ways is his new website, The Blaze, starting its life as the conservative answer to the Huffington Post, itself recently sold off to America On Line for vast amounts of dollars. Interestingly, former HuffPost executive Betsy Morgan has joined The Blaze to manage its business operations. Morgan claims to be apolitical, and apparently agrees with her former employer’s position that these sites are  “beyond left and right because the system is broken.”

I have a queasy feeling that the Huff Post will quickly shed it’s left leanings, and it’s beyond belief that Beck’s audience will ever be anything other than conservative, though he aims to reach further than the Tea Party stalwarts.

Apart from all that, spring in Nevada is spectacular, and America as compellingly bizarre as ever.

3 Responses to “Hello from the land of the free”

  1. David Horton April 26, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    Jennifer went to America and all I got was a post about Glenn Beck!

    Sad about HuffPo. I wrote for them in the early years when they were a breath of fresh air with a progressive viewpoint and a lot of good writers about political and other serious issues. Then celebrity gossip began to take over. Then they added sections on “Living” “Religion” and “Divorce”. Now we are divorced.


  2. David Horton April 27, 2011 at 5:58 am #

    When I said Glenn Beck I meant, of course, to say “stuffed shirt”. Sorry, that should be “Tee shirt”.

    Have a great time.


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