Satire is not dead, but you’ll only find the good stuff in the blogosphere

8 Oct

Do you want to know what drives Andrew Bolt? Even if you don’t give a tinker’s curse, it’s worth reading this piece by Under the Milky Way. Very funny, very erudite, my favourite combination of talents.

Then trot across to The Political Sword and learn how Sophie Mirabella and Scott Morrison take over the dumped ABC Collectors program. Warning: this piece contains references to a diarrhetic seabird so you might want to leave it till after your coffee and croissants.

And if you want something a little more serious in tone try Rolling Stone on the end of Australia and climate change:

Want to know what global warming has in store for us? Just go to Australia, where rivers are drying up, reefs are dying, and fires and floods are ravaging the continent

Don’t forget to check out the comments, many posted by outraged Aussies. WTF! Rolling Stone doesn’t even write about music properly anymore so where do they get off doing our Oz and climate change!!!! they bleat.

4 Responses to “Satire is not dead, but you’ll only find the good stuff in the blogosphere”

  1. Steve at the Pub October 8, 2011 at 4:38 pm #

    “… I’m holed up in a rickety hotel in Proserpine, a whistle-stop town…”

    “….the sense that Australia ……. has summoned up the wrath of the climate gods is everywhere.”

    “… farmers, their crops shriveled by drought, are shooting themselves in despair.”

    “Dead kangaroos sprawl by the side of the road, the victims of motorists fleeing the storm.”

    “Depression and suicide will become even more common among displaced farmers and Aborigines.”

    “…Australia …….. as its major cities are engulfed by the rising seas.”

    Yeap! Some pretty good stuff in that Rolling Stone article!


  2. paul walter October 9, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    And that’s without the gas fracking operations, etc.
    On the news tonight they also has a report concerning Utopia.
    Utopia is apparently an aboriginal settlement some where west of Alice Springs.
    An international expert was visiting it, couldnt beleive how diabolical the conditions were for locals.
    apparently even in Utopia, these ingrate undeserving poor aren’t satisfied- what CAN you do to keep some people happy?


    • Jennifer Wilson October 9, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

      Did you see the ABC 2 doco on what Christian Evangelicals do to children? “Camp Jesus” it was called. 80 million evangelicals in the US and they all believe climate change doesn’t matter because they’re only here for a little while till they go to god.
      Surprisingly some brilliant artists emerged from Utopia which just goes to show the power of the human spirit in the worst adversity. I think the people there have been herded from all four corners of the country with total disregard by the authorities for mob politics.
      I don’t know why no bloody government has ever got it right with supporting Indigenous people. It can’t be that hard, can it, to quote Gillard on the press writing crap.


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