Gail Dines was shouted down by left wing tossers, claims academic

5 Oct
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Oh my god, I just got home after a terrible day trying to buy a smart phone only to find this on the Drum. 

The good Dr Meagan Tyler is having a dummy spit at those of us who did not take to Professor Gail Dines and her anti pornography messages, and those of us who continue to resist the same harangues from MTR, Abigail Bray, and the man I’ve written about twice already this week so I won’t say his name because Steve at the Pub will say I’m obsessed.

Many anti porn activists are reasonable and rational and don’t want to ban anything, Tyler assures us, giving Dines as one of her examples of the rational and reasoned. She then claims the Professor was “shouted down” on Q&A, and otherwise abominably humiliated by left-wing tossers who feel they have a duty to be sympathetic to the plight of pornography consumers, whether they agree with porn or not.

Plight? What plight?

Needless to say I’ve dashed off a response, but whether or not the Drum will use it is another matter. As one commenter remarks, there are so many articles on the Drum written by anti porn campaigners, and hardly anything putting another perspective. I venture that maybe two of my articles there are among the very, very few that challenge the anti porn status quo. Why is that, I wonder?

Smart phones. I tried to explain to the man in the phone shop, who had very bad breath, that all I really want is to receive photos of the new baby, send emails and tweets and texts, and a few other little things.  Talking on the phone is not one of my great interests so I don’t really need 500 million hours of talk time. Turns out I’m an aberration on two counts: 1: not having got a smart phone way before now, and 2, not liking to talk on the phone. There’s no plan that caters for my needs he said, rather triumphantly I thought, for somebody with dog’s breath.

So tomorrow I’m going to another shop, but I’m wondering just how much of my life I want to waste on this mission. It’s the plans that do your head in. How did it all get so hard? Why don’t they just make an iPad with phone stuff? Should I just stick to email and forget the phone? Then I’ll miss out on the baby pictures everybody else gets on their smart phones. I’ll be marginalized. I won’t belong. An outsider. They won’t love me.

I’m hungry. I’m tired. I have to walk the dog.I can’t think straight. It’s cold.

9 Responses to “Gail Dines was shouted down by left wing tossers, claims academic”

  1. paul walter October 5, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

    The comments on new tech accessability consolidate my personal nightmares into a single package, encapsulated in the comment concerning the fact that I, too have, “not….got a smart phone way before now”, because like the thread starter, I find can’t the need to spend the days of my life pratting around with an expensive new toy, when so many more enriching things are there to be involved in/with, often for minimal or no cost.
    Older people are just stupid bastards.
    We’d just as soon have back our “old” ABC, free, than be wasting thousands of dollars a year on contentless Foxtel or mobile phones, to send woo hoo messages, or nag young people out for a night out about what time they have to be home.
    I said to an economics commentator years ago, if someone thought up a directory or courses; some thing explaining the new tech objectively to those locked out, rather than just handing people over to nerdy salespricks only interested in increasing their sales commissions, things could move forward.
    As for porn, missed qa this week, might try catching up, but not now…Dines and her nanny-staters have wasted enough of sensible people’s time in the past.


  2. Matthew October 6, 2011 at 6:42 am #

    Of course Meagan Tyler wrote the “Pornography as Sexual Authority: How Sex Therapy Promotes the Pornification of Sexuality” essay in MTR’s big book of porn. It’s also interesting to note that Scott Stephens, editor of ABC Religion and Ethics online is launching Big Porn Inc in Brisbane next Friday. Are the ABC allowed to promote a book so much that isn’t their own? Tyler’s article is number eight in the ongoing series in promoting the book.


  3. Sam Jandwich October 6, 2011 at 10:20 am #

    “Left-wing tossers”? Is Dr Tyler suggesting perhaps that it’s mostly right-wing people who buy vibrators, while the Left make do with what god has provided them?

    And Jennifer, I predict that if you get a smartphone you will quickly become totally infuriated with it. I lost my trusty circa 2005 Nokia recently and opted for something with a touch screen. It’s very pretty and seems to work well enough, but the bloody battery only lasts a day, if I’m lucky! I call it my “semi-mobile phone”. I understand this is a common problem that most people have just got’n used to, but in my case it’s caused me to revert to the good old landline most of the time.


    • Jennifer Wilson October 6, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

      Heck, I didn’t know about the battery issue, thanks for that. I didn’t make it to the phone shop today but when I do I’ll ask about that problem.


  4. gerard oosterman October 6, 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    In Holland, they, (a leftist branch of the incorrigible ‘pull the pud’ party) blind tested men and some women looking at porn whereby a close-up photo of erect raw drumsticks strategically placed amongst chicken wings was put ‘neck on neck’ next to close-ups of real freshly plucked and shaved genitalia. Over 43% thought the fowl arrangement was the real McCoy. It proves that looking at porn can be tricky.
    There is something totally wholesome, reliable and formidably solid about the double decker 401 to East Balmain that stopped opposite the Cricketers Arm in my pre-teen days..


  5. pwalter October 7, 2011 at 9:51 am #

    My goodness me, as soon as I as rake up the dough, am off to buy a fresh chook from the local supermarket.
    What strange people some of you are, too.


  6. paul walter October 7, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    ps, could you clear my email address of my post?


  7. paul walter October 8, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Ahh, jammed the thingies into the wrong space then couldnt get them to go into the right spaces.
    Actually, the aesthetics of this site are compartively good and things do appear to function alot of the time. Some really good bloggers lose out because of their unweildy and cumbersome systems with their illegible code words and adress system that wont accept your adress, etc.
    Andrew Elder and Mr Denmore are two sites that come to mind, excellent writers but their sites are dogs,with crook scrollbars and so forth.


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