The family unfriendly plan

22 Jun

The family unfriendly plan – female perpetrated family abuse neglected by the new National Plan to prevent violence against women and their children – ABC The Drum today.

One Response to “The family unfriendly plan”

  1. paul walter June 23, 2011 at 8:10 am #

    It’s a funny paradox that has society evolving from older forms through nuclear family, to the current proposition that the system is now actually skewed in some ways toward mothers, yet seems to insist on more accountancy from mothers in micromanaging the world around the domestic.
    Women react to the added burdens by becoming more conservative, making the trait processive and another source for wedge from conservative politics as women’s defensiveness is matched by the growing impatience of others.
    Then as relationships breakdown, this peculiar notion emerging most stridently in the last twenty years from the American Bible Belt, of children as “property”.
    Isn’t this a slightly idiosycratic way to view this subject?
    You know from a kid whether you’re welcome or not. It’s nice to feel welcome rather than just be regarded as a table or chair, when you know the difference.


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