On Line Opinion: Update

7 Feb

The freedom of speech issue here is not about the freedom to vilify gay people, as many are assuming.

It is about one group exercising its economic power to close down a site that has been available for all manner of groups to have a voice, thus denying those groups their freedom of speech about their issues by closing down their outlet.

I am amazed at the feedback I’m receiving about the consequences of vilification. As if as a woman I am unaware of these.

Women are vilified every day by an untold number of global media. There is an epidemic of global violence against, and murder of women.

How astonishing then, that those who seek to close down OLO in the interests of preventing vilification and its consequences, are not urgently seeking to close down the myriad of other media that contribute to the violence, rape and slaughter perpetrated on women around the world every hour of every day.

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